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Hedy Wong in “Take Out Girl”

Hedy Wong began writing a story that she knew: hers. But it took years of refining and determination to bring it to screens in 2020 as “Take Out Girl.” She is beautiful, smart, street-savvy, and oozing with talent, bringing all of that to bear as the lead in this feature film. Intro: Reacting to “Shang-Chi”… Read more »

The Two Kens: You Can’t “Pray Away the Gay”

In this latest special episode, these two long-time friends, former pastors, and fellow podcasters critique the “reparative therapy” movement while reviewing the Netflix documentary “Pray Away.” But they wrestle with why anybody–gay or straight–would willingly be part of groups the require them to repress essential aspects of who they know themselves to be. Intro: Choosing… Read more »